Give For Good Is A Go!

Museums of all kinds are temporarily closed around here by the “virus”, but the annual Give For Good donate-a-thon is an online event that’s not bothered a bit by such things. The big day is Tuesday May 5 (all day, midnight to midnight), but beginning on April 21 you can preschedule your donation so you won’t have to worry about forgetting. Just point your internet to, search for McNeill Street Pumping Station Preservation Society (or Shreveport Water Works Museum), click on our tile and follow the directions. Here’s a tax tip you can check out if you’re interested to see if it works for you: Congress recently passed a new provision for 2020 that allows donations of up to $300 t0 a 501c(3) like us to be deducted directly from taxable income without being required to do the usual itemized deduction thing. So, if this applies to you, Uncle Sam will look with favor upon your Give For Good donation!

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