Museum Is Open!

There have been a flurry of announcements recently about things that are canceled or closed by the coronavirus, but Shreveport Water Works Museum is open for business as usual. Dr. Martha Whyte, regional medical director for the state, had this viewpoint on COVID-19 reently: At present, she sees no need for mass cancellation of events, nor does she believe that persons need to avoid going to restaurants, shopping and out in public. She does not believe people need to cancel trips or vacations. She stresses that those most at risk are 70 and over with underlying health issues such as heart disease or asthma. She says about 80% of those who contract COVID-19 will feel like it is a bad cold or light flu and may never realize they had COVID-19. Victims are likely contagious only when they have symptoms. So, come on out and be amazed by a National Historic Landmark, it’s not crowded!

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