A Cardinal Necessity Book

Casual readers and history buffs alike will love A Cardinal Necessity by Terry Reynolds. In the late 1880’s as its 50th birthday approached, Shreveport’s residents had to find their own water, as there was no public water supply. Not only was the city paying the price in disease, but the growth of the community was in danger of being strangled. Reynolds’ engaging book tells the story of water for the city from the time before there was any through the modern era. Cost is only $20. Free shipping.

Shreveport Water Works Museum T-Shirt

Get a snappy looking souvenir t-shirt printed on the front with the museum’s name and on the back with the blueprint drawing of one of the big flywheel steam pumps. Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL. Colors: forest green, navy blue, red. Cost is only $15 for nonmembers and $13 for members. Free shipping.

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