Saturday September 23

Come one, come all, we have work for you! It has literally been years since the Victorian-era pumphouse and machinery at the Shreveport Water Works Museum has had a good cleaning, and the old Victorian gal has a smudged face. So, we are calling all volunteers to come out from 8a to 12n on Saturday September 23 to lend a hand with some housecleaning. We want to sweep, dust, wash windows, and clean up the weeds. We’ll also have free lunch for the helpers (just a small bribe). We’ve got plenty of cleaning rags and soap, but if you come, it would help to bring a broom, or a mop and bucket, or a squeegee, or a small step ladder/stool to help reach things, or whatever else you think might be handy for housecleaning.We don’t want any of our hard workers to go away hungry, so if you could email us at or register on the announcement posting on Shreveport Water Works Museum Facebook page, it would help. If you forget, come anyway.

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