May 2 is almost here

Remember Give For Good? It’s on May 2 and it is getting pretty close. What is Give For Good? It’s a 24-hour online giving challenge led by the Community Foundation of North Louisiana that raises money for local nonprofits that they can use as they want. The Shreveport Water Works Museum is being operated with donations by the McNeill Street Pumping Station Preservation Society nowadays, so donations are DEFINITELY welcome. Why give to the Preservation Society on this day instead of some other time? Because of the Lagniappe Fund, which is Louisiana-speak for “a little something extra” that will be added by the Community Foundation to gifts made on that day. If you just can’t wait for May 2 (or will be busy doing something else), new for this year is that you can schedule your donation ahead of time starting NOW. Just go to, search for McNeill Street Pumping Station Preservation Society, click DONATE, select an amount, add the gift to your cart, and Checkout. Then complete the donor information and click Submit. That does it. You’re done early and your donation will be held until May 2 then processed. You can also help by encouraging your friends and family to give and by spreading the word on your social media connections. Donations are 100% tax deductible! (Sorry Uncle Sam.)

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