Shreveport Water Works Museum Receiving A Grant

The Union Pacific Railroad Foundation has awarded the McNeill Street Pumping Station Preservation Society a $10,000 grant to be used for repointing the bricks in the exterior of the filter wing of the pumphouse. (No, this is not the same grant the railroad society is receiving mentioned in another post!) We just finished a big repointing project with another grant last year, and this grant will let us get started on another part of the building. It may cost as much as $66,000 to repoint the entire filter wing, so the grant will just get us started and we’ll work as far as the money goes. There is a close-up photo of the wall below, and it is easy to see that the bricks are past due for some fresh mortar to keep the rain out and the bricks in place. The check is not in the mail, but will be here in June. This is good, because the terms of the grant will require us to find another funder to help with the project, but if necessary we can use money from the Preservation Society’s treasury.

View of east side of filter wing

East side of filter wing                                    

Close-up view of wall

Close-up view of wall

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